Is it possible to support multiple instances_path?

QingFeng Hao haoqf at
Sat Feb 27 01:54:36 UTC 2021

There might be a workaround for this that setting compute hosts of 
different storages for different projects, but this is not so flexible 
as multiple instances_path and AFAIK there is also no support for 
compute hosts of different projects, right? Thanks

在 2021/2/27 9:40, QingFeng Hao 写道:
> Hello Everyone,
> This is QingFeng from IBM, I have used openstack for years, now I did 
> some investigation and noticed that instances_path in nova.conf in 
> compute host can only specify one path to store the instances. The 
> question is, is it possible to support multipath instances_path for 
> different projects (tenants)?
> For example, instances_path = path1, path2, and path1 for project1, 
> path2 for project2, with this way, we can achieve the isolation and 
> different storages of different purposes for different projects. This 
> could be valuable in some situations.
> So I am curious if there is any plan to do it so that I can leverage 
> and don't have to implement it by myself. :-)
> Thanks a lot!
> Best regards
> QingFeng Hao

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