Nova not updating to new size of an extended in-use / attached cinder volume (Ceph RBD) to guest

Christian Rohmann christian.rohmann at
Tue Feb 16 21:32:05 UTC 2021

Hello Lee,

thanks for quick response and sorry about the late reaction from my side.

On 15/02/2021 12:18, Lee Yarwood wrote:
> On 15-02-21 00:52:52, Christian Rohmann wrote:
>> So I was simply wondering if this is expected to be working?
>> Are there any special settings / options I need to set to enable this
>> feature?
> Yes this should work without any additonal changes, can you write up
> a nova bug with the following output in addition to the bug template:
> - Your versions of libvirt and QEMU.
> - Output of the following command *after* requesting a resize:
> $ virsh domblkinfo $instance_uuid $target_dev
> - Output of the following commands once confirmed the resize didn't
>    happen within the domain:
> $ virsh blockresize $instance_uuid $rbd_path $new_size
> $ virsh domblkinfo $instance_uuid $target_dev
>  From what you've said above this smells like a libvirt/QEMU bug but I
> don't have a rbd env to hand to confirm things at the moment.
> Cheers,

I have just been trying to reproduce the issue, but in all my new 
attempts it just worked as expected:

> [162262.926512] sd 0:0:0:1: Capacity data has changed
> [162262.932868] sd 0:0:0:1: [sdb] 6291456 512-byte logical blocks: 
> (3.22 GB/3.00 GiB)
> [162262.933061] sdb: detected capacity change from 2147483648 to 
> 3221225472

Sorry about the noise then.

The only "bugs" to report are the usability issues of Horizon not 
offering "in-use" extension of volume as far as I can see and the
pending support in the openstack cli 

Thanks again,


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