[Neutron] Distributed Virtual Routing with OVN as Backend

Taha Adel eng.taha1928 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 21:39:29 UTC 2021

Hello OpenStack Community,

Let me introduce myself in brief first. My name is Taha and I'm a
communications and electronics engineering student in the fourth year.

My graduation project is to build a cloud infrastructure suited for
Institutions and Universities to fully utilize the idle physical resources
on the campus.

I'm using OpenStack Platform as the cloud orchestrator, and I have a
question regarding the Networking service in the cloud, Neutron. In my
project, I want to use Distributed Virtual Routing for Layer three
forwarding, floating IPs, and SNAT to limit the management overhead in the
could and simplify the architecture. This design should end up with one
controller node and a bunch of distributed compute nodes across the
university. In my design, all compute nodes are attached to the provider
network to allow N/S traffic in a distributed manner.

The problem here is that I read in the OpenStack documentation that the
SNAT traffic should always traverse through a centralized gateway node, and
I need SNAT traffic as well as the other N/S traffic to be distributed
across the compute nodes.

So, the question here, is there any configuration that should let me
fulfill this requirement?

Sorry for taking so long, and I appreciate your help in advance.

Best regards.

Taha Adel

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