[all] Gate resources and performance

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Wed Feb 10 19:57:22 UTC 2021

> Here's the timing I see locally:
> Vanilla devstack: 775
> Client service alone: 529
> Parallel execution: 527
> Parallel client service: 465
> Most of the difference between the last two is shorter async_wait
> times because the deployment steps are taking less time. So not quite
> as much as before, but still a decent increase in speed.

Yeah, cool, I think you're right that we'll just serialize the
calls. It may not be worth the complexity, but if we make the OaaS
server able to do a few things in parallel, then we'll re-gain a little
more perf because we'll go back to overlapping the *server* side of
things. Creating flavors, volume types, networks and uploading the image
to glance are all things that should be doable in parallel in the server

465s for a devstack is awesome. Think of all the developer time in
$local_fiat_currency we could have saved if we did this four years
ago...  :)


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