[kolla][adjutant] Granular quota settings with Adjutant

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalystcloud.nz
Wed Feb 3 01:02:45 UTC 2021

Hey Albert!

At present there isn't any plan to add that feature, nor would I or the 
other devs working on Adjutant likely have the time to build it.

That said if you have a developer who wants to work on such a feature, 
I'd be happy to help work with them to design it so it fits into what we 
currently have. The original design was going to be closer to that 
(allow customers to ask for a specific quota changes), but we kept 
finding that they'd ask for one quota, then another because they didn't 
realise they were related. So we opted for defined sizes as default.

I'm not at all against finding a way to offer both options in a way that 
works together. :)

Future plans though do include splitting the quota parts of Adjutant 
into their own plugin (and a second horizon plugin) so we can keep some 
of that logic out of the core service as well but maintain it as a 
'core' plugin. So this could be a good time to fit that work in together 
and deprecate the quota parts in Adjutant itself for removal later.

Feel free to bug me about anything as you need, and do come say hello in 
#openstack-adjutant on freenode!


On 3/02/21 6:18 am, Braden, Albert wrote:
> We have been experimenting with Adjutant, and it offers a menu of 
> sizes (default small, medium and large). It’s easy to add more sizes, 
> but we would like to allow customers to request granular changes. For 
> example, if a customer needs to add 10 cores and 5 instances to his 
> existing quota. This would require some changes to Horizon, and an 
> Adjutant plugin. Is anyone already doing this, or working in that 
> direction?
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