[cinder] kioxia ready for driver and connector reviews

Zohar Mamedov zoharcloud at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 14:37:11 UTC 2021

Hi Cinder team,

The Kioxia Kumoscale NVMeOF driver is ready for reviews.
Gate tests are passing and "KIOXIA CI" is leaving comments on review
threads. Here is an example of last response it posted:
All changes that the CI responded to can be found here: (each will also have a gerrit_event.json which will
have a ['change']['url'] with a link to the review page)

Part of this contribution is a major expansion to the nvmeof connector in
This was initially discussed in the PTG meetings, and mentioned in some
follow up IRC meetings.
The main change is adding (optional) support for mdraid replication of
nvmeof volumes. Target connection sharing is also implemented (removing the
need for a separate nvmeof target per volume.) Additionally, a concurrency
/ race condition issue in the existing nvmeof connector (nvmeof.py line
120) is resolved as part of these changes.

Though this change is a big rework, it is in line with the spec, which had
an in depth review and was approved:

We are dedicated to addressing possible regressions, however, following a
review of existing CIs using or testing the nvmeof connector, none were
found to be using it. All suspected CIs seem to pass or be using a
different connector. This is to the best of our knowledge, we suspect that
Kioxia may be the first CI to be testing with NVMeOF protocol and driver.
If we missed anything, please let us know with a review comment.

Kioxia Kumoscale driver review:

NVMeOF connector review:

Thank you!

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