[kolla-ansible] Running Docker Swarm with Kuryr networking

Paolo Celati paolo at celati.com
Tue Aug 31 22:14:03 UTC 2021


   long story short I have a 3 node Openstack cluster that I manage with 
kolla-ansible, and I'd like to run Docker Swarm on that as well.  I am 
aware Magnum exists, but I'd first like to get my head around this 
simpler case.

Seeing as I'd like to connect Docker containers from swarm compose files 
to Neutron networks I'm trying to set up Kuryr together with a swarm 
configuration.  However the documentation is a little scarce 
and I'd prefer running everything on these three hosts, including etcd.  
If I follow the guide and pass --cluster-store and --cluster-advertise 
arguments to dockerd then I can't run Docker in Swarm mode because I get 
an error saying Swarm is incompatible with those options, and at the 
same time it's not clear from documentation how you are expected to do 
Kuryr+Swarm.  I did initialise the Swarm cluster before trying to add 
Kuryr, so I don't know if perhaps doing this the other way works?  Do 
you have ideas or advice with this scenario?  If worst comes to worst I 
can set up an external etcd cluster on a separate non-Openstack cluster 
but I'd rather avoid that.

Thanks in advance,


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