[Victoria][Python-3.9] dhcp-agent problem

tjoen tjoen at dds.nl
Tue Nov 17 16:23:36 UTC 2020

System: LFS. Python-3.9.0, Neutron-17.0.0, oslo.privsep-2.4.0

Got Train+Py37, Usuri+Py38 working with the help of the install-guide.
Victoria+Py39 Only eventlet needed a patch.
Neutron only for
  def ebtables(comm, table='nat'):
      execute = ip_lib.IPWrapper(NAMESPACE).netns.execute
-    return execute(['ebtables', '-t', table, '--concurrent'] + comm,
+    return execute(['/usr/sbin/ebtables', '-t', table, '--concurrent'] 
+ comm,
Possible not necessary but it avoids sudo errors.

Controller logs (made readable):
[-] Unable to enable dhcp for cb7948eb-e5c0-4764-a653-542c3e864f54.:
    TypeError: <lambda>() takes 6 positional arguments but 7 were given
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/site-packages/neutron/agent/dhcp/agent.py", line 192, in 
    rv = getattr(driver, action)(**action_kwargs)
   File "/site-packages/neutron/agent/linux/dhcp.py", line 249, in enable
    common_utils.wait_until_true(self._enable, timeout=300)
   File "/site-packages/neutron/common/utils.py", line 703, in 
     while not predicate():
   File "/site-packages/neutron/agent/linux/dhcp.py", line 261, in _enable
     interface_name = self.device_manager.setup(self.network)
   File "/site-packages/neutron/agent/linux/dhcp.py", line 1675, in setup
     if ip_lib.ensure_device_is_ready(interface_name,
   File "/site-packages/neutron/agent/linux/ip_lib.py", line 960,
          in ensure_device_is_ready
     if not dev.link.exists or not dev.link.address:
   File "/site-packages/neutron/agent/linux/ip_lib.py", line 513, in exists
     return privileged.interface_exists(self.name, self._parent.namespace)
   File "/site-packages/oslo_privsep/priv_context.py", line 247, in _wrap
     return self.channel.remote_call(name, args, kwargs)
   File "/site-packages/oslo_privsep/daemon.py", line 224, in remote_call
     raise exc_type(*result[2])

TypeError: <lambda>() takes 6 positional arguments but 7 were given

Launching an instance:
$ openstack server create --flavor m1.nano --image cirros \
   --nic net-id=cb7948eb-e5c0-4764-a653-542c3e864f54 --security-group 
default \
   --key-name mykey provider-instance
results in status=BUILD and never ACTIVE

Other logs on Controller after starting Compute1:
Unable to access
   Error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Ownerships and permissions are OK:
drwxr-xr-x 2 neutron neutron 4096 Nov 15 19:49

Anybody with the same problem?
I am not a Python programmer so I am at a lost

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