[tc] weekly update

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Tue Nov 17 14:04:37 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

Here's an update for what happened in the OpenStack TC this week. You
can get more information by checking for changes in
openstack/governance repository.

# Patches
## Open Reviews
- Add Magpie charm to OpenStack charms https://review.opendev.org/762820
- Move Placement under Nova's governance https://review.opendev.org/760917
- Add Resolution of TC stance on the OpenStackClient
- Remove assert_supports-zero-downtime-upgrade tag
- Add election schedule exceptions in charter https://review.opendev.org/751941
- Clarify the requirements for supports-api-interoperability
- Propose Kendall Nelson for vice chair https://review.opendev.org/762014

## General Changes
- Select JSON to YAML goal for Wallaby cycle https://review.opendev.org/760957
- Adding reno and warnings example for JSON->YAML goal doc
- Add danms liaison preferences https://review.opendev.org/758822
- Add goal for migrate RBAC policy format from JSON to YAML
- Add diablo_rojo liaison preferences https://review.opendev.org/759718
- Add ricolin liaison preferences https://review.opendev.org/759704
- Add gmann liaison preference https://review.opendev.org/758602
- Resetting projects' TC liaisons empty https://review.opendev.org/758600

Thanks for reading!
Mohammed & Kendall

Mohammed Naser

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