Where to send mascot graphic adjustment proposals

Michael Chapman michapma at redhat.com
Tue Nov 17 12:36:43 UTC 2020

Hi James

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 4:26 AM James Cole <james at openstack.org> wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> I’m James Cole, a graphic designer at the Open Infrastructure Foundation.
> Hopefully I can address some of your questions.
> Regarding the diagram, I’m told it is managed by Designate in their
> documentation. We can provide suggestions but ultimately it is up to them
> how they want to create those docs. You may have to get in touch with an
> active contributor to that project.
I might not have explained this well, I am currently preparing an updated
version of the diagram and am a Designate contributor.

> Regarding mascot design changes, we’d need broader community input to make
> edits like that. The mascot designs undergo a community review process
> with each project when they’re created, so we’re unable to make design
> changes at this time.

Can you be more specific on how the community can provide that input? Is
there a repo I can propose changes against?

> If it helps, the mark is vertically aligned with the text, not base
> aligned. Enlarging the crocodile will probably make it seem
> disproportionately large compared with other project mascots, which all
> follow the same design rules.

I think what I'm saying is I don't think vertical alignment makes sense
with such a strong horizontal line at the base of the logo. Maybe in the
context of a group of mascots + text having all of them vertically aligned
looks less strange but on its own I think it would look better aligned to
the base.

Ultimately if it's not possible to change this I can always use the
vertical logo + text instead, but I thought I'd see if it could be improved

> Thanks for flagging the inactive email address for Anne. Would you mind
> providing the URL of the page you found that address? We will replace it
> with community at openinfra.dev as the contact email for mascots.
> https://www.openstack.org/project-mascots/ right down the bottom

On a related note I had a look at
and the designate entry there doesn't seem to be centered vertically and
might need some attention as well.

Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for the detailed response!

 - Michael

> *James Cole*
> Graphic Designer
> Open Infrastructure Foundation
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