Where to send mascot graphic adjustment proposals

James Cole james at openstack.org
Mon Nov 16 17:21:22 UTC 2020

Hi Michael, 

I’m James Cole, a graphic designer at the Open Infrastructure Foundation. Hopefully I can address some of your questions.

Regarding the diagram, I’m told it is managed by Designate in their documentation. We can provide suggestions but ultimately it is up to them how they want to create those docs. You may have to get in touch with an active contributor to that project. 

Regarding mascot design changes, we’d need broader community input to make edits like that. The mascot designs undergo a community review process with each project when they’re created, so we’re unable to make design changes at this time.

If it helps, the mark is vertically aligned with the text, not base aligned. Enlarging the crocodile will probably make it seem disproportionately large compared with other project mascots, which all follow the same design rules. 

Thanks for flagging the inactive email address for Anne. Would you mind providing the URL of the page you found that address? We will replace it with community at openinfra.dev <mailto:community at openinfra.dev> as the contact email for mascots. 

Thanks for reaching out!

James Cole
Graphic Designer
Open Infrastructure Foundation 

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