Re: [release][infra] Discrepancy between release jobs and the "normal" jobs CI in terms of distro

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Fri Nov 13 16:40:38 UTC 2020

On Fri, Nov 13, 2020, at 4:58 AM, Radosław Piliszek wrote:
> I did not quote the original subject because it was too long.
> It was: [release][masakari] - [Release-job-failures] Release of
> openstack/masakari-monitors for ref refs/tags/(7.0.1|8.0.2|9.0.1)
> failed
> Particularly, we are continuing the discussion from:
> Would it be possible what Hervé is proposing? I.e. better segregation
> of distro per branch of release?
> I believe it would be a rare situation but surely testing something on
> Bionic and trying to release on Focal might have its quirks.

The underlying issue is that git tags (what we use to specify a release state) don't map 1:1 to git branches (where we specify zuul job config). For a long time this essentially meant that if you tried to apply branch specific job matcher rules to jobs that ran in a refs/tags/* context those jobs were just skipped. More recently Zuul has made changes to do its best to map a tag state to a branch and load configs from that branch value. The behavior if multiple branches match should be considered though: "If a tag item is enqueued, we look up the branches which contain the commit referenced by the tag. If any of those branches match a branch matcher, the matcher is considered to have matched." [0].

Long story short this was not possible for a long time but is now possible if you are careful. This means the jobs can be updated to have different behaviors based on branches and the tags will be matched to branches.

Separately keep in mind that the jobs were moved from bionic to focal to address problems with markdown [1]. It is possible that by moving some branches back to bionic that the jobs will break there.


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