[baremetal-sig][ironic] Tue Nov 10, 2pm UTC: Baremetal and ML2 networking

Arne Wiebalck arne.wiebalck at cern.ch
Mon Nov 9 15:43:30 UTC 2020

Dear all,

The Bare Metal SIG will meet tomorrow, Tue Nov 10 at 2pm UTC,
with a "topic-of-the-day"(*) presentation by Julia on

Bare Metal + ML2 Networking: Why it is this way
(feat. 3d printer calibration cubes!)

All details for this meeting and upcoming topics can be found
on the SIG's etherpad:


Everyone is welcome, don't miss out!


(*) The Bare Metal SIG has at each meeting a ~10 minute
introduction to or presentation of a bare metal related

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