Which deployment method for ceph (rook|ceph-ansible|tripleo)

Jerome Pansanel jerome.pansanel at iphc.cnrs.fr
Sun Nov 1 08:49:09 UTC 2020

Hi Oliver,

Due to recent changes in CEPH Nautilus and Octopus (new Orchestrator
APIs), we decided to switch to Rook. It is still in an experimental
stage on our platform, but it seems promising.



Le 01/11/2020 à 08:55, Oliver Weinmann a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm still in the process of preparing a OpenStack POC. I'm 100% sure
> that I want to use CEPH and so I purchased the book Mastering CEPH 2nd
> edition. First of all, It's a really good book. It basically explains
> the various methods how ceph can be deployed and also the components
> that CEPH is build of. So I played around a lot with ceph-ansible and
> rook in my virtualbox environment. I also started to play with tripleo
> ceph deployment, although I haven't had the time yet to sucessfully
> deploy a openstack cluster with CEPH. Now I'm wondering, which of these
> 3 methods should I use?
> rook
> ceph-ansible
> tripleo
> I also want to use CEPH for NFS and CIFS (Samba) as we have plenty of
> VMs running under vSphere that currently consume storage from a ZFS
> storage via CIFS and NFS. I don't know if rook can be used for this. I
> have the feeling that it is purely meant to be used for kubernetes? And
> If I would like to have CIFS and NFS maybe tripleo is not capable of
> enabling these features in CEPH? So I would be left with ceph-ansible?
> Any suggestions are very welcome.
> Best Regards,
> Oliver

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