Which deployment method for ceph (rook|ceph-ansible|tripleo)

Oliver Weinmann oliver.weinmann at me.com
Sun Nov 1 07:55:53 UTC 2020


I'm still in the process of preparing a OpenStack POC. I'm 100% sure 
that I want to use CEPH and so I purchased the book Mastering CEPH 2nd 
edition. First of all, It's a really good book. It basically explains 
the various methods how ceph can be deployed and also the components 
that CEPH is build of. So I played around a lot with ceph-ansible and 
rook in my virtualbox environment. I also started to play with tripleo 
ceph deployment, although I haven't had the time yet to sucessfully 
deploy a openstack cluster with CEPH. Now I'm wondering, which of these 
3 methods should I use?




I also want to use CEPH for NFS and CIFS (Samba) as we have plenty of 
VMs running under vSphere that currently consume storage from a ZFS 
storage via CIFS and NFS. I don't know if rook can be used for this. I 
have the feeling that it is purely meant to be used for kubernetes? And 
If I would like to have CIFS and NFS maybe tripleo is not capable of 
enabling these features in CEPH? So I would be left with ceph-ansible?

Any suggestions are very welcome.

Best Regards,


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