[tc][elections] Nomination for TC

Tobias Rydberg tobias.rydberg at citynetwork.eu
Tue Mar 31 16:29:56 UTC 2020

Hi fellow Stackers,

My name is Tobias Rydberg and I will by this email announce my candidacy 
for the OpenStack Technical Committee.

For those who (yet) don't know me, I'm employed by the cloud provider 
City Network and through that I've been around and worked with OpenStack 
since 2014 when we as City Network started our OpenStack journey. I'm a 
simple person that speak my mind, love to have fun and get to know new 
people and technologies - and I have to say that being part of this 
community ticks a lot of those boxes.

During the last couple of years I've been chair for the Public Cloud SIG 
(previously WG), and in that role you might have seen me hosting Forum 
sessions at all Summits since the Forum was introduced, spreading the 
word of why OpenStack is super important for public clouds (the Public 
Cloud Passport Program is a child of PC SIG) and what is still 
missing... ;-)

Even though I'm a developer from the get go, I haven't done a lot of 
code contributions over the years, but I have tried to contribute in 
various other ways where being SIG chair is one, driving discussions in 
the Forums and being part of organising OpenStack days events (Nordic).

So, what can I bring to the table?

I believe that my background (and precent) with multiple years of 
running multiple public and private clouds will bring a lot of operator 
experience. We've over the years also been very focused to deliver 
OpenStack to customers with very high regulatory compliance demands, 
such as banks, health care, insurance industry, and as I see it, that is 
a pretty hot potato right now and I believe that will not cool down for 
some time.

I my current role I have the blessing of talking a lot with customers 
building their services on top of OpenStack, listening to their 
experience and feedback - everything from how hard it can be to find the 
correct piece of documentation to limitations that hinders them from 
choosing OpenStack as a platform for their service - valuable feedback 
that not always reach the community.

I think that the continued success of OpenStack (for at least 10 more 
strong years) lies in the hands of the "operators" - the people and the 
companies that live and breathe OpenStack - the people and the companies 
that have the experience how OpenStack operates in all the different use 
cases you can't predict in a public cloud.

This is my first time running for a chair at the TC table, my experience 
of sitting in such chair is by that pretty limited, but I care a lot 
about this awesome community and I'm eager to learn and to do my fair 
share to make this community a success to the years to come...

Thanks for taking the time to read and to consider my candidacy!


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