OpenStack should be buildable with sphinx 2.4: FTBFS in many packages

Thomas Goirand zigo at
Sat Mar 28 09:29:44 UTC 2020


Sphinx 2.4 has been uploaded to Experimental. I just received bug
reports against the OpenStack packages because some of them cannot be
built with Sphinx 2.4. Here's the list:

- ironic
- os-api-ref
- aodh
- cloudkitty
- kombu
- panko
- ceilometerclient
- ceilometermiddleware
- doc8
- dracclient
- glareclient
- murano-pkg-check
- os-xenapi
- scciclient
- sahara
- sphinxcontrib-programoutput
- tempest-horizon

It'd be nice if those affected could be fixed for Ussuri. IMO, it's just
the doc, so fixing it wouldn't hurt code quality. In other words: help
would be more than welcome writing patch or reviewing them, and testing
Sphinx 2.4 compatibility.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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