[nova] feasibility to keep the two-company rule

Bal√°zs Gibizer balazs.gibizer at est.tech
Tue Mar 24 09:49:35 UTC 2020


Top posting to summarize public and private discussions.

As far as I see overall we agree that the "rule" needs to be less 
strict. But as far as I understand we have no consensus in the core 
team to drop the rule entirely. We still would like to keep some of 
level of control over heavy changes. Where heavy means anything that 
involves a microversion, service version, rpc version, or database 
migration. I imagine that these changes need an spec anyhow so the 
existence of a spec could be a shorthand for when the rule still 

In the other hand this means that the implementation of specless 
features, bugfixes, doc enhancements, test enhancements, and refactors 
can be developed and approved by a single company (but still require 
two core reviewers).

Personally I'm OK with this compromise along with the ongoing effort to 
add new people to the core team.

As this is an unwritten rule I'm not proposing any doc changes to nova 
to describe this. This mail serves as the official proposal and if 
there is no major concerns raised against it then this will goes into 
effect next Tuesday (03.31.)
(having an unwritten rule feels so backward to me)


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