[API][SDK][SIG] distilling our community wisdom

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri Mar 13 09:41:40 UTC 2020

Michael McCune wrote:
> given the recent trend of discussing how we can condense and streamline 
> various parts of the openstack community, i would like to start 
> socializing the idea of merging the API-SIG, and its 
> artifacts/processes/members, with the SDK group.
> over the last few years we have seen the activity of the API SIG greatly 
> reduced. although there are a few outstanding guidelines that should be 
> merged, we are having fewer and fewer contributors. additionally, 
> although we migrated from weekly meetings down to weekly office hours, 
> we have seen that aside from facilitating discussions for other groups 
> these office hours are largely unnecessary.
> i don't have a proposal at the moment, beyond this email, but i would 
> appreciate any and all feedback to help us reach a place where the SIG 
> can still react as needed to the community but also reduce its surface 
> area. the heart of these goals is to sustain and preserve the hard work 
> that has been done over the years, and also to recognize the diminishing 
> availability of our membership.

As I mentioned in another email, I welcome consolidation: teams with 3-6 
people are more motivating that teams of 1-2. Having API guidelines 
designed in close discussion with the primary API consumers makes a lot 
of sense too.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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