[API][SDK][SIG] distilling our community wisdom

Michael McCune elmiko at redhat.com
Thu Mar 12 16:58:02 UTC 2020

hello all,

given the recent trend of discussing how we can condense and streamline
various parts of the openstack community, i would like to start socializing
the idea of merging the API-SIG, and its artifacts/processes/members, with
the SDK group.

over the last few years we have seen the activity of the API SIG greatly
reduced. although there are a few outstanding guidelines that should be
merged, we are having fewer and fewer contributors. additionally, although
we migrated from weekly meetings down to weekly office hours, we have seen
that aside from facilitating discussions for other groups these office
hours are largely unnecessary.

i don't have a proposal at the moment, beyond this email, but i would
appreciate any and all feedback to help us reach a place where the SIG can
still react as needed to the community but also reduce its surface area.
the heart of these goals is to sustain and preserve the hard work that has
been done over the years, and also to recognize the diminishing
availability of our membership.

peace o/
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