[all] Guides for newbies to OpenStack

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 07:06:53 UTC 2020

Our small team at ${DAYJOB} has built a handful of OpenStack clusters based
on Red Hat OpenStack 13 (aka Queens) over the last couple of years.

We now find ourselves in the position of being 'gifted' human resources in
the shape of mid-level 'IT people' who are sent to join our team for a
short time to 'Learn OpenStack'.

These tend to be people for whom, "Here's a Horizon URL and some creds - go
log in and launch a VM"[1]... is a bit much.

I've done a wee bit of web searching (enough to find the dead links) trying
to find some newbie friendly tutorials on OpenStack basics. Before I
attempt to re-invent the wheel, can anyone suggest some public resources I
might point people to?

Deity help us if we have to explain Tripleo's Undercloud, Overcloud,
partially containered, partially pacemakered, fully flaky... underpinnings.

[1] Even with a step by step guide
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