[nova] US meeting slot

melanie witt melwittt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 16:23:37 UTC 2020

On 3/9/20 07:10, Dan Smith wrote:
>> a) Somebody from the US side of the globe volunteers to run the 21:00
>> UTC slot. Please speak up if you would like to run it. I can help you
>> with agenda refresh and technicalities if needed.
>> b) Have only one meeting time, and move that to 16:00 UTC. In this
>> case I will be able to run it most of the weeks.
>> c) Do not have a dedicated meeting slot but switch to office
>> hours. Here we also need to find a time slot. I think 16:00 UTC could
>> work there as well.
> I'd prefer 1600 to the 2100 actually, so that's fine with me. During DST
> I can make 1400, but no earlier. The 2100 meeting isn't very convenient
> for me, and very few people show up to it anymore anyway. I'd say it's
> not worth keeping that spot regardless.

+1 to the opinion that it's not worth keeping the 2100 slot regardless. 
I think there are too few attendees during that time to make the meeting 

1400 is usually too early for me but I'm OK with that -- I catch up on 
the 1400 meetings by reading the meeting IRC logs. And if I need input 
on a blueprint or spec, I can use the ML if I can't make the meeting.


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