[sdk][congress][octavia][designate][magnum][senlin][swift] Adding project-specific cores to SDK

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Mar 6 15:25:33 UTC 2020

On 2020-03-05 21:40:54 -0600 (-0600), Eric Fried wrote:
> Any chance of reusing the “PTL ack” bot that has recently appeared
> in the releases repo? But as a “SME ack” that would recognize
> anyone from $project’s core team? (How does the releases bot know
> which project the patch is for? Might have to be a bit fuzzy on
> that logic for SDK/OSC.)

The openstack/releases repository has its critical data organized by
OpenStack governance project team deliverable, and there's a Zuul
job which gets triggered on every review comment which looks to see
if the Gerrit account leaving the comment maps through
to match the reviewer to the deliverable(s) covered by the proposed
change. To do something similar for the OSC/SDK repos, you'd need 1.
a means of programmatically identifying the relevant project team
for any proposed change, and 2. some list of unique Gerrit account
identifiers (most likely E-mail addresses) of the people whose
reviews are relevant for them.
Jeremy Stanley
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