[training-labs] Current training lab for Rocky not working on Windows

Mike Manning mike243512 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 13:24:13 UTC 2020


I've attempted to install the training-labs for the Rocky release onto my
Windows 10 laptop on VirtualBox 6.0, but it is not working properly.  The
windows batch files are not functioning properly, and at least one reason
is that the shell scripts that the batch files are copying are using "ifup"
and "ifdown" which are not supported in Ubuntu 18.04.  This one issue seems
to imply that the scripts and batch files may need some review.

Also, after install the ifupdown package on the system, the batch files and
shell scripts still get hung up often on the existence of a file named
"done" that never gets created.

Can someone help me with this installation of the training-labs software in
preparation for the COA exam?

Mike Manning
mike243512 at gmail.com
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