[tc][networking-l2gw] Finish the retirement for networking-l2gw and networking-l2gw-tempest-plugin

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Fri Jun 26 11:57:27 UTC 2020

On 26.06.20 07:06, Akihiro Motoki wrote:
> Hi,
> Development of networking-l2gw continues after its retirement from TC
> governance.
> We have open pending patches and released it for Ussuri.
> I hope the creation of the new repository happens before the
> retirement patch is merged
> and README refers to the new repository so that existing users are not confused.

Sure, that should happen, so make it clear what's the new location is.

> Does any coordination already happen, or does TC just want to retire it?
The new repository creation can AFAIK happen directly, somebody from the
l2gw team should propose that.

Looking at the changes that need to be done, here's my proposal:
- create networking-l2gw in new namespace, see
- Stop merging any changes to openstack/networking-l2gw
- change repos that use it to use the new repo in their jobs
- Close openstack/networking-l2gw, including abandoning of all open

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