[horizon] patternfly?

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Jun 25 00:00:00 UTC 2020

On 24/06/20 8:34 pm, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> On 6/24/20 4:40 AM, Adrian Turjak wrote:
>> But of all the things to change, the config layer is the least of our
>> problems in Horizon, and with a good erb template (or jinja with
>> ansible) I have never had much pain with it.
> The biggest issue with a .erb template, is that it quickly gets
> outdated, and needs care for each new version of Horizon. I felt that
> pain multiple times recently.
But that happens for every service adding new config really. The pain
for a total rework for Horizon's config layer would be felt by everyone,
and not everyone would want it.
>> If it really is that
>> painful for you, it is just python, you can easily enough make a custom
>> local_settings.py that imports your primary settings from an .ini file
>> of your choice/design! :P
> A custom thing is really not what we want/need. I am using
> puppet-openstack (and contribute to it), and I do expect it to be able
> to work the same way on both CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu. So, I'd like
> Horizon to behave just like the rest of OpenStack.
> I do understand the point about nested config. For these, probably we
> could keep these in separate .py files, or even yaml as you suggested,
> but this doesn't prevent from fixing everything that doesn't need nested
> config.

I like the ability to make it custom! But then again I'm used to Django

What really bugs me with Horizon is the enabled files for managing
panels/plugins etc. That's a nightmare to deal with depending on where
you deploy it and what panels you want. These days we build one big
Horizon container (all panels, all themes), and then on start up it
reads our custom config and copies/deletes the enabled files you want:

We used to control plugins at build time, but that was worse. Not being
able to change which plugins were enabled when starting/restarting the
service was painful. With this, we can stop the container, update the
config, and on the next start it will setup the panels/plugins we want.
This used to be a NIGHTMARE with puppet.

Better config in general is definitely something to think about if a New
Horizon ever happens, although non '.ini', because that's too limited a
config format.

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