[kolla] Ussuri releases available

Mark Goddard mark at stackhpc.com
Wed Jun 24 14:12:04 UTC 2020


I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first Ussuri releases
for all Kolla deliverables:

* kolla 10.0.0 (https://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/kolla/ussuri.html#relnotes-10-0-0-stable-ussuri)
* kolla-ansible 10.0.0
* kolla-cli 10.0.0
* kayobe 8.0.0 (https://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/kayobe/ussuri.html#relnotes-8-0-0-stable-ussuri)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these releases.

Some things to note:

* Support for CentOS 7 has been dropped. Train provides a migration
path from CentOS 7 to 8
* Ceph deployment support and images have been dropped. External Ceph
cluster integration should be used instead.
* Support for Python 2 has been dropped.
* This is the last planned release of kolla-cli. As usual with
deprecations, please get in touch if you are able to help support this

And now onto Victoria!


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