mox3 project retirement

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at
Thu Jun 18 13:09:40 UTC 2020

Hey everyone,

Way back in Rocky, we had a cycle goal to stop using mox/mox3:

The mox library itself is from the broader community, but mox3
specifically was a fork we were maintaining of that lib to add Python
3.x support. Not a lot has been happening there (or luckily needed
either), but it is still a repo we have had to maintain while we were
transitioning away from mox to mock.

There were still a few repos that had mox3 in their requirements files,
even though I think in most cases the actual use was dropped awhile ago.
With these recent set of patches to clean that up, and remove it from
global requirements, we now no longer have any repos in the openstack/*
namespace referencing mox3:

This is to announce my intent to officially retire the mox3 repo and
clean things up. Of course the lib is still out there in pypi, and can
be used by others. It is also possible for the repo to be restored or
forked elsewhere if someone not in openstack/* has a strong need for it.
But at least within the OpenStack community, I think our time is better
spent elsewhere.

Please raise any concerns here.



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