[all][tc][stable][qa] Grenade testing for Extended Maintenance stable

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Jun 17 19:14:04 UTC 2020

> Usual policy for grenade testing is to keep the job running from
> the 'oldest supported stable +1' branch. For example, if stein is
> the oldest supported stable (in the old stable definition) then
> run grenade from train onwards. But with the Extended Maintainance
> model, defining 'oldest supported stable' is not clear whether it
> is the oldest non-EM(stein) or oldest EM stable(ocata).
> To make it clear, we discussed this in the QA channel and come up
> with the below proposal.
> * 'oldest' is the oldest non-EM. In current time, it is stein.
> * With the above 'oldest' definition, we will:
> ** Make grenade jobs as n-v on all EM stable branches (which is
> till stable/rocky as of today) + on stable/stein also because that
> is 'oldest' as of today.
> ** Keep supporting and running grenade job on 'oldest+1' which is
> stable/train onwards as of today.

The way to phrase this consistent with our branch status terminology

    We only perform upgrade testing between the current source
    contents of adjacent Maintained or Development status branches
    (not Extended Maintenance or Unmaintained status branches, nor
    specific tags such as End Of Life versions). This means that the
    branch *prior* to any branch Grenade tests must be in a
    Maintained status, and so we do not perform upgrade testing on
    the oldest Maintained status branch.

Jeremy Stanley
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