[release] Release countdown for week R-10, March 2-6

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Fri Feb 28 15:08:02 UTC 2020

General Information
The following cycle-with-intermediary deliverables have not done any
intermediary release yet during this cycle. The cycle-with-rc release
model is more suited for deliverables that plan to be released only once
per cycle. As a result, we have proposed[1] to change the release model
for the following deliverables:

neutron-fwaas-dashboard, neutron-vpnaas-dashboard

[1] https://review.opendev.org/#/q/topic:ussuri-cwi

PTLs and release liaisons for each of those deliverables can either +1
the release model change, or propose an intermediary release for that
deliverable. In absence of answer by the end of R-10 week we'll consider
that the switch to cycle-with-rc is preferable.

We are now past the published date for the stable/rocky branch to enter
the Extended Maintenance phase:
A set of patches have been proposed for all cycle-based deliverables in
rocky to tag the last release as "rocky-em". After this point, no more
official releases will be done. Please acknowledge any patches for your
team if you have not already done so, or let us know if there are some
last minute patches on their way to merging that we should hold for.


Any patches not acknowledged by March 5 will be assumed to be OK and we
will process any remaining patches.

We also published a proposed release schedule for the upcoming Victoria
cycle. Please check out the separate thread:

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates
Non-client library freeze: April 2 (R-6 week)
Client library freeze: April 9 (R-5 week)
Ussuri-3 milestone: April 9 (R-5 week)
OpenDev+PTG Vancouver: June 8-11

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