[Tempest] OpenSack Powered * vs OpeStack Compatible

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Sat Feb 22 14:21:54 UTC 2020

On 2020-02-22 10:04:06 +0000 (+0000), prakash RAMCHANDRAN wrote:
> does anyone think that Open Infra Distro like Airship or StarlingX
> should promote Open Infra Airship or Open Infra  StarlingX powered
> as a new way to promote eco system surrounding them similar to
> OpenStack compatible drivers and software. Will then Argo,
> customize, Metal3.io or Ironic be qualified as Open Infra Airship
> compatible?

Those are probably questions for the Airship and StarlingX
communities, so I don't know how much input the OpenStack community
is going to have (or should expect to have) on those topics.

> If so how tempest can help in testing the above comments?

Tempest is a QA tool for validating OpenStack APIs, so it could in
theory be used to test any OpenStack services deployed within/using
Airship or StarlingX. The reason the OpenStack logo programs rely on
Tempest is because it's what the OpenStack community has used for
testing OpenStack services. If there are interoperability problems
between different distributions or deployments of Airship and
StarlingX then it would make sense to test them with whatever tools
those projects are using for testing their software, like the
OpenStack logo programs are doing with Tempest.
Jeremy Stanley
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