[release] Release countdown for week R-12, February 17-21

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Fri Feb 14 14:41:04 UTC 2020

Development Focus
We are now past the Ussuri-2 milestone, and entering the last
development phase of the cycle. Teams should be focused on implementing
planned work for the cycle.
Now is a good time to review those plans and reprioritize anything if
needed based on the what progress has been made and what looks realistic
to complete in the next few weeks.

General Information
Looking ahead to the end of the release cycle, please be aware of the
feature freeze dates. Those vary depending on deliverable type:
* General libraries (except client libraries) need to have their last
feature release before Non-client library freeze (April 2). Their stable
branches are cut early.

* Client libraries (think python-*client libraries) need to have their
last feature release before Client library freeze (April 9)

* Deliverables following a cycle-with-rc model (that would be most
services) observe a Feature freeze on that same date, April 9. Any
feature addition beyond that date should be discussed on the
mailing-list and get PTL approval. After feature freeze, cycle-with-rc
deliverables need to produce a first release candidate (and a stable
branch) before RC1 deadline (April 23)

* Deliverables following cycle-with-intermediary model can release as
necessary, but in all cases before Final RC deadline (May 7)

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates
Non-client library freeze: April 2 (R-6 week)
Client library freeze: April 9 (R-5 week)
Ussuri-3 milestone: April 9 (R-5 week)
OpenDev+PTG Vancouver: June 8-11
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