[tripleo] TripleO CI Summary: Sprint 42

Rafael Folco rfolco at redhat.com
Fri Feb 14 13:38:35 UTC 2020


The TripleO CI team has just completed Sprint 42 / Unified Sprint 21 (Jan 23
thru Feb 12). The following is a summary of completed work during this
sprint cycle:


   Started refactoring Promoter code into a modular implementation w/
   testing oriented design and accommodating the changes for the new promotion

   Completed building CentOS8 containers with required repositories. This
   is still an unofficial build as some of the repositories (like Ceph) are
   not from RDO/TripleO.

   Refined the component pipeline design [3] w/ the new aggregated hash
   containing all promoted components. Continued to implement the downstream
   version of the component pipeline.

   Translated get-hash into a separated role in ci-config repo,
   de-attaching from promote-hash role in config. Added support for the new
   component and integration jobs.

   Made improvements to the collect-logs plugin as part of the shared goals
   for the combined CI team.

   Built CI workflow to follow successful manual standalone deployment
   using an IPA server. The TLS CI job is not running yet and still needs to
   be activated.

Ruck/Rover Notes:


   There were at least four upstream gate outages during this sprint. All
   have been resolved at this time. Notes are here [4].

The planned work for the next sprint [1] extends the work started in the
previous sprint and focuses on the following:


   Build the CentOS8 pipeline starting with the base jobs to build
   containers and promote hashes.

   Replicate the component jobs to all available components and build the
   new promotion pipeline in CentOS8.

   Continue the promoter code refactoring and converting the legacy code in
   a modular implementation that can be tested more efficiently.

   Continue the collect-logs effort to make it a shared tool used by
   multiple teams.

   Collaborate with the RDO team in migrating 3rd party CI to vexxhost.

The Ruck and Rover for this sprint are Wesley Hayutin (weshay) and Marios
Andreou (marios). Please direct questions or queries to them regarding CI
status or issues in #tripleo, ideally to whomever has the ‘|ruck’ suffix on
their nick. Ruck/rover notes to be tracked in etherpad [2].




[2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ruckroversprint22

[3] https://hackmd.io/5uYRmLaOTI2raTbHWsaiSQ
[4] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ruckroversprint21
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