[TC] W release naming

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Tue Feb 11 16:29:19 UTC 2020

Hello TC (and other interested parties),

This is a reminder that we have this week set aside for the 'W' release
naming for any necessary discussion, campaigning, or other activities
before the official polling starts.


We have a set of names collected from the community. There may be some
trademark concerns, but I think we can leave that for the Foundation
review after the election polling completes unless anyone has a strong
reason to exclude any now. If so, please state so here before I create
the poll for next week.


As a reminder for everyone, this naming poll is the first that follows
our new process of having the electorate being members of the Technical
Committee. More details can be found in the governance documentation for
release naming:


I will prepare the poll to send out next Monday. Since we have a limited
electorate this time, if we collect all votes ahead of the published
deadline I will check in with the TC if there is any need to wait, and
if not close the poll early and get the results ready to publish. We can
then move ahead with the legal review that is required before we can
officially declare a winner.



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