[cinder][ci] Cinder drivers being Unsupported and General CI Status ...

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Hi jay,
Infortrend third part CI is broken for some reason,
I’ll check our environment and resolve it.

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Subject: [cinder][ci] Cinder drivers being Unsupported and General CI Status ...


We once again are at the point in the release where we are talking about 3rd Party CI and what is going on for Cinder.  At the moment I have analyzed drivers that have not successfully reported results on a Cinder patch in 30 or more days and have put together the following list of drivers to be unsupported in the Ussuri release:

  *   Inspur Drivers
  *   Infortrend
  *   Kaminario
  *   NEC
  *   Quobyte
  *   Zadara
  *   HPE Drivers

If your name is in the list above you are receiving this e-mail directly, not just through the mailing list.

If you are working on resolving CI issues please let me know so we can discuss how to proceed.

In addition to the fact that we will be pushing up unsupported patches for the drivers above, we have already unsupported and removed a number of drivers during this release.  They are as follows:

  *   Unsupported:
     *   MacroSAN Driver
  *   Removed:
     *   ProphetStor Driver
     *   Nimble Storage Driver
     *   Veritas Access Driver
     *   Veritas CNFS Driver
     *   Virtuozzo Storage Driver
     *   Huawei FusionStorage Driver
     *   Sheepdog Storage Driver

Obviously we are reaching the point that the number of drivers leaving the community is concerning and it has sparked discussions around the fact that maybe our 3rd Party CI approach isn't working as intended.  So what do we do?  Just mark drivers unsupported and no longer remove drivers?  Do we restore drivers that have recently been removed?

We are planning to have further discussion around these questions at our next Cinder meeting in #openstack-meeting-4 on Wednesday, 1/29/20 at 14:00 UTC.  If you have thoughts or strong opinions around this topic please join us.

Thank you!

Jay Bryant

jsbryant at electronicjungle.net<mailto:jsbryant at electronicjungle.net>

IRC:  jungleboyj

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