[cinder][ci] Cinder drivers being Unsupported and General CI Status ...

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue Feb 4 11:54:39 UTC 2020

On 2020-02-03 13:50:03 +0000 (+0000), Srinivas Dasthagiri wrote:
> We are working on Kaminario CI fresh configuration(since it is too
> old, it has broken). We have communicated with OpenStack-infra
> community for the suggestions and documentation. One of the
> community member suggested us to go with manual CI
> configuration(Not third party CI) instead of CI configuration with
> puppet architecture(Since it is moving to Ansible). But we did not
> get documents for all other CI components except ZuulV3 from
> community.

To clarify that recommendation, it was to build a third-party CI
system by reading the documentation for the components you're going
to use and understanding how they work. The old Puppet-based
documentation you're referring to was written by some operators of
third-party CI systems but not kept updated, so the versions of
software it would need if you follow it would be years-old and in
some cases (especially Jenkins and associated plug-ins) dangerously
unsafe to connect to the internet due to widely-known security
vulnerabilities in the versions you'd have to use. Modern versions
of the tools you would want to use are well-documented, there's just
no current document explaining exactly how to use them together for
the exact situation you're in without having to understand how the
software works.

Many folks in your situation seem to want someone else to provide a
simple walk-through for them, so until someone who is in your
situation (maybe you?) takes the time to gain familiarity with
recent versions of CI software and publish some documentation on how
you got it communicating correctly with OpenDev's Gerrit deployment,
such a walk-through is not going to exist. But even that, if not
kept current, will quickly fall stale: all of those components,
including Gerrit itself, need updating over time to address bugs and
security vulnerabilities, and those updates occasionally come with
backward-incompatible behavior changes. People maintaining these
third-party CI systems are going to need to *stay* familiar with the
software they're running, keep on top of necessary behavior and
configuration changes over time, and update any new walk-through
document accordingly so that it doesn't wind up in the same state as
the one we had.
Jeremy Stanley
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