[all] Dropping lower constraints testing (WAS: Re: [stable][requirements][neutron] Capping pip in stable branches or not)

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue Dec 15 18:29:39 UTC 2020

On 2020-12-15 20:10:36 +0200 (+0200), Adrian Andreias wrote:
> I'm probably missing something, but not sure why multiple
> OpenStack projects that only communicate through APIs would need
> to coexist in the same virtual environment (which leads to
> exponential dependency hell).
> Regardless of the deployment type or packager, makes sense to
> always have exactly one virtual environment per OpenStack project.
> Projects have various needs and priorities, own upgrade paths for
> third party libraries, therefore totally independent
> requirements.txt. And all lib versions pinpointed, no low or
> highs. The usual best practice.

Got it. So you've developed some magic new containment technology
which will allow you to use incompatible versions of nova and
oslo.messaging, for example? Those separate OpenStack projects no
longer need to be coinstallable? ;)

But also, coinstallability is fundamental to inclusion in any
coordinated software distribution. Red Hat or Debian are not going
to want to have to maintain lots of different versions of the same
dependencies (and duplicate security fix backporting work that many
times over). Being able to use consistent versions of your
dependency chain has lots of benefits even if you're not going to
actually install all the components into one system together at the
same time.
Jeremy Stanley
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