[tc] weekly meeting summary

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Fri Dec 11 17:40:35 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

Here's a summary of what happened in our TC weekly meeting last
Thursday, Dec 10.

- mnaser (115)
- apevec (60)
- gmann (57)
- yoctozepto (26)
- mugsie (26)
- fungi (20)
- jungleboyj (14)
- noonedeadpunk (9)
- diablo_rojo__ (6)
- marios|rover (6)
- ricolin (6)
- zbr (4)
- weshay|ruck (2)
- jrosser (2)
- akahat (1)
- gouthamr (1)

1. Rollcall

2. Follow up on past action items
DONE: mnaser change all reference of meeting time to go towards
eavesdrop for single source of truth
DONE: mnaser remove openstacksdk discussions for future meetings
DONE: mnaser remove project retirement from agenda

3. X cycle goal selection start
It was discussed that due to the extraordinary situation this year,
perhaps we could have a stabilization goal instead.  As a reminder
that we don't have to do a community goal for every release, we are
leaving this open and will ask folks to update the proposed goal page
with something they worked on.  Some ideas discussed for this
"stabilization" cycle:
  1) Use this time to rest and relax, no need to do something.
  2) Use this time to finish up this really cool thing you've been
trying to find time to, and share with us to recognize.
  3) Check out these existing goals/popup teams that might interest
you if you want to invest time in something different/new
We will keep this as an open discussion item to track the progress and
will keep collecting new ideas for goals.

4. Audit and clean-up tags (gmann)
For API interoperability tag, patch is merged; gmann will start the ML
to encourage projects to start applying for that tag. We will keep
this action to discuss the progress of getting projects in, and we
will have each tag one by.

5. X cycle release name vote recording (gmann)
Because the votes were not recorded, we are asking TC members to list
what they voted for on the mailing list

6. CentOS 8 releases are discontinued / switch to CentOS 8 Stream
Community members from RH were present to help talk through the
changes that are occurring with the introduction of CentOS Stream 8.
mnaser work to find time for community deployment projects +
centos/rdo team to meet to help teams get more information about the
upcoming change

1. mnaser send email to ML to find volunteers to help drive goal selection
2. gmann complete retirement of searchlight & qinling
3. diablo_rojo complete retirement of karbor
4. mnaser work to find time for community deployment projects + centos/rdo team

To read the full logs of the meeting, please refer to

Mohammed Naser

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