[all][goals] Switch legacy Zuul jobs to native - update #3

Luigi Toscano ltoscano at redhat.com
Fri Aug 28 17:33:15 UTC 2020


it's time for another status report on this goal.
A lot of reviews have been merged in the past 10 days, and several projects are not on the list anymore. This is a very good news, but we still have some 
work to complete. Please keep pushing!


The number of the project with legacy jobs is now limited, so I'm going to explain the status in more details for each of them. The links to the patches can be found in the etherpad [3] (see below for the links).


There is just one test left, and it is definitely tricky, because it implements a cycle of "change tempest configuration"/"run tempest"/"repeat", which is not the usual pattern. In the worst case I will "port" by adding a simple bash wrapper, but I'd like to have a clean ansible solution. 


A patch for the only legacy job is under review after some forth and back, but there are some open questions.


Only one legacy job left, the heat cores are aware of it.


Only one devstack-gate job in the os-loganalyze repository, which should be probably retired.
There are 2 other legacy jobs, but not devstack-gate, so less urgent.


There has been an open review with the full port of the last legacy job, but it is failing. 
As it is has been failing even before the porting, the patch could be probably merged as it is.


A patch for the only legacy job is under review, but it still has some issues.


There is only one legacy-base job (not devstack-gate), so less urgent, but there is a patch for it.


One job in the monasca-transform repository, which is most likely due for a retirement.
There are 3 legacy (non devstack-gate) jobs in other repositories.


There are two legacy jobs left. 
I'm not sure whether murano-apps-refstackclient-unittest is still needed. 
murano-dashboard-sanity-check is a bit tricky, the tests still use nose and the corresponding code in horizon has seen several changes.


There are three types of legacy jobs:
 * all jobs in networking-midonet, whose retirement is under discussion, but the final decision is not clear, so a porting may be needed anyway:
 * two grenade jobs are being worked on;
 * the remaining legacy job could be maybe dropped.


The team is trying to port the two legacy job left with some refactoring, but it may require some effort yet.


Only one legacy job left, but it is part of the soon-to-be-retired devstack-plugin-zmq repository.


A patch for the only legacy job has been proposed and it is working, needs reviews.


The trove-grenade job should be ported, but on the other hand, trove has no grenade plugin. 
At this point it is unlikely to be implemented before Victoria, so maybe the job can be dropped for now.

A few patches have been proposed and working. 
One of them is failing (python-zaqarclient) but it does a bit more than a simple porting, so it may be simply changed to do exactly what the old job was doing (input needed).


[1] the goal: 

[2] the up-to-date Zuul v3 porting guide: 

[3] the etherpad which tracks the current status: 

[4] the previous reports: 


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