[all][goals] Switch legacy Zuul jobs to native - update #1

Luigi Toscano ltoscano at redhat.com
Wed Jul 22 22:24:41 UTC 2020


Victoria is not far away and one of the goal is the removal of all legacy Zuul v3 jobs.

- the goal page is 
- that page is being updated (https://review.opendev.org/#741987/), please check the migration guide on:
- I summarized the status on this etherpad, which will be used as reference:
- I'm around as tosky on IRC, feel free to ping me or ask here on the list, especially if I haven't contacted you already
- if you haven't started yet, please prioritize this goal, which will also provide most of the work for the other community goal (migrate from bionic to focal) almost for free.


And now, the longer version.

It's time for some updates about the "Switch legacy Zuul jobs to native" community goal.

I apologize for the lack of official communication so far about the goal, despite the Victoria cycle has been open for a (long) while. On the other hand, the porting of the legacy is ongoing. Thanks to everyone who helped with the rewriting even before this was a goal, and thanks to the people who started working on this (writing and reviewing patches). 

I've got in touch with a few teams during the PTG and during the team meetings in the past weeks, but unfortunately attended the PTG or is active on IRC, and with few exceptions, a significant amount of legacy jobs belongs to less active teams.

The projects which right now use legacy job, regardless of the status (many of them have patches floating around), are listed below. Projects with (*) have been contacted by me during or after the PTG and the work is ongoing:

- barbican (*)
- blazar (*)
- cinder (*)
- designate
- ec2-api
- freezer
- glance (*)
- heat (*)
- infra (*)
- ironic (*)
- karbor
- keystone (*)
- kuryr (*)
- magnum
- manila (*)
- monasca (*)
- murano
- neutron (*)
- nova (*)
- oslo (*)
- senlin
- trove
- tripleo (*)
- vitrage
- watcher
- zaqar

Back to the etherpad (https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/goal-victoria-native-zuulv3-migration): the most important section is the first one, "Jobs to be ported", which includes all the legacy jobs which affects Victoria. While the goal focuses on Victoria, when the jobs are ported, in order to easy the maintenance, I believe it would make everyone's life easier if you just backport to the new jobs to the older branches, as far as it's possible.
As a general remark, that native tempest and devstack jobs should work to all branches starting from pike, while the new grenade jobs only work starting from train right now (they may be enabled in stein in the future, but it's not sure yet).

Please remember to always use the native-zuulv3-migration gerrit topic.

The "Stretch goal only (they don't affect master)" section lists the jobs defined in openstack/openstack-zuul-jobs.git which are still used by stable branches. If you feel like that and if it's possible, please backport the native jobs to the not-yet covered branches, so that we can clean up openstack-zuul-jobs.


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