[kolla] Focal upgrade

Mark Goddard mark at stackhpc.com
Thu Aug 27 08:08:44 UTC 2020


For the Victoria release we will be moving our Ubuntu support from
Bionic 18.04 to the Focal 20.04 LTS release. This applies to both the
base container image and host OS.

We would like to request feedback from any Ubuntu users about how they
typically deal with a distro upgrade like this. I would assume that
the following workflow would be used:

1. start with a Ussuri release on Bionic
2. distro upgrade to Focal
3. OpenStack upgrade to Victoria

However, that would imply that it would not be possible to make any
more changes to the Ussuri deploy after the Focal upgrade, since Kolla
Ansible Ussuri release does not support Focal (it is blocked by

An alternative approach is:

1. start with a Ussuri release on Bionic
2. OpenStack upgrade to Victoria
3. distro upgrade to Focal

This implies that Victoria must support both Bionic and Focal as a
host OS, which it currently does. This flow matches more closely what
we are currently testing in CI (steps 1 and 2 only).

In both cases, Victoria container images are based on Focal.

Feedback on this would be appreciated.


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