OpenStack with Nginx

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at
Wed Aug 19 18:32:40 UTC 2020

On 8/19/20 12:13 PM, HARISH KUMAR Ivaturi wrote:
> Hi
> I am Harish Kumar, Master Student at BTH, Karlskrona, Sweden. I am
> working on my Master thesis at BTH and my thesis topic is Performance
> evaluation of OpenStack with HTTP/3.
Welcome Harish! That should be interesting to see the results of your
evaluation. I hope you will share that with the community once you
complete your research.
> I have successfully built curl and nginx with HTTP/3 support and I am
> performing some commands using curl for generating tokens so i could
> access the services of OpenStack.
> OpenStack relies with the Apache web server and I could not get any
> results using Nginx HTTP/3 . I would like to ask if there is any
> official documentation on OpenStack relying with Nginx?, I have
> searched in the internet reg. this info but could not get any, I would
> like to use nginx instead of apache web server , so I could get some
> results by performing curl and commands and nginx web server (with
> http/3 support). Please let me know and if there is any content please
> share with me. I hope you have understood this. It would be helpful
> for my Master Thesis.
I haven't really done anything with HTTP/3, but from what I understand,
it just changes the transport to use QUIC. So that should be pretty
transparent as far as the OpenStack services are concerned.

We don't have any documentation that I know of. Unless someone has done
some of their own testing and has some notes they can share.

I think the main thing here would be just setting up nginx to use the
uWSGI apps rather than Apache. This seems like a promising article that
walks through configuring nginx:

That specifically references flask, so just keep in mind that most
OpenStack services do not use that part of the tutorial.

Cinder has some old notes from when we were first looking at running
behind Apache. Those can be found here:

But you may just need to look at the existing Apache configuration and
figure out what to change to do the equivalent under nginx.

Good luck!


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