OpenStack with Nginx

HARISH KUMAR Ivaturi harishkumarivaturi at
Wed Aug 19 17:13:14 UTC 2020

I am Harish Kumar, Master Student at BTH, Karlskrona, Sweden. I am working
on my Master thesis at BTH and my thesis topic is Performance evaluation of
OpenStack with HTTP/3.

I have successfully built curl and nginx with HTTP/3 support and I am
performing some commands using curl for generating tokens so i could access
the services of OpenStack.
OpenStack relies with the Apache web server and I could not get any results
using Nginx HTTP/3 . I would like to ask if there is any official
documentation on OpenStack relying with Nginx?, I have searched in the
internet reg. this info but could not get any, I would like to use nginx
instead of apache web server , so I could get some results by performing
curl and commands and nginx web server (with http/3 support). Please let me
know and if there is any content please share with me. I hope you have
understood this. It would be helpful for my Master Thesis.

Harish Kumar
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