VM doesn't have internet - OpenStack Ussuri with OVN networking

Reza Bakhshayeshi reza.b2008 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 13:08:42 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I've set up OpenStack Ussuri with OVN networking manually, VMs can ping
each other through an internal network. I've created a provider network
with valid IP subnet, and my problem is VMs don't have internet access
before and after assigning floating IP.
I've encountered the same problem on TripleO (with dvr), and I just wanted
to investigate the problem by manual installation (without HA and DVR), but
the same happened.
Everything seems working properly, I can't see any error in logs, here is
agent list output:

[root at controller ~]# openstack network agent list
| ID                                   | Agent Type                   |
Host                   | Availability Zone | Alive | State | Binary
| 1ade76ae-6caf-4942-8df3-e3bc39d2f12d | OVN Controller Gateway agent |
controller.localdomain | n/a               | :-)   | UP    | ovn-controller
| 484f123f-5935-44ce-aee7-4102271d9f11 | OVN Controller agent         |
compute.localdomain    | n/a               | :-)   | UP    | ovn-controller
| 01235c13-4f32-4c4f-8cf6-e4b8d59a438a | OVN Metadata agent           |
compute.localdomain    | n/a               | :-)   | UP    |
networking-ovn-metadata-agent |

On the controller I got br-ex with a valid IP address. here is the
external-ids table on controller and compute node:

[root at controller ~]# ovs-vsctl get Open_vSwitch . external-ids
{hostname=controller.localdomain, ovn-bridge=br-int,
ovn-cms-options=enable-chassis-as-gw, ovn-encap-ip="",
ovn-encap-type=geneve, ovn-remote="tcp:",

[root at compute ~]# ovs-vsctl get Open_vSwitch . external-ids
{hostname=compute.localdomain, ovn-bridge=br-int, ovn-encap-ip="",
ovn-encap-type=geneve, ovn-remote="tcp:",

and I have:

[root at controller ~]# ovn-nbctl show
switch 72fd5c08-6852-4d7e-b9b4-7e0a1ccdd976
(neutron-b8c66c3d-f47a-42a5-bd2d-c40c435c0376) (aka net01)
    port cf99f43b-0a18-4b91-9ca5-b6ed3f86d994
        type: localport
        addresses: ["fa:16:3e:d0:df:82"]
    port 4268f511-bee3-4da0-8835-b9a8664101c4
        addresses: ["fa:16:3e:35:f2:02"]
    port 846919e8-cde5-4ba3-b003-0c06e73676ed
        type: router
        router-port: lrp-846919e8-cde5-4ba3-b003-0c06e73676ed
switch bb22224e-e1d1-4bb2-b57e-1058e9fc33a7
(neutron-9614546f-b216-4554-9bfe-e8d6bb11d927) (aka provider)
    port 2f05c7bc-ad0f-4a41-bbd8-5fef1f5bfd2c
        type: localport
        addresses: ["fa:16:3e:17:7b:5b  X.X.X.X"]
    port provnet-9614546f-b216-4554-9bfe-e8d6bb11d927
        type: localnet
        addresses: ["unknown"]
    port 23fcdc9d-2d11-40c9-881e-c78e871a3314
        type: router
        router-port: lrp-23fcdc9d-2d11-40c9-881e-c78e871a3314
router 0bd35585-b0a3-4c8f-b71b-cb87c9fad060
(neutron-8cdcd0d2-752c-4130-87bb-d2b7af803ec9) (aka router01)
    port lrp-846919e8-cde5-4ba3-b003-0c06e73676ed
        mac: "fa:16:3e:4d:c3:f9"
        networks: [""]
    port lrp-23fcdc9d-2d11-40c9-881e-c78e871a3314
        mac: "fa:16:3e:94:89:8e"
        networks: ["X.X.X.X/22"]
        gateway chassis: [1ade76ae-6caf-4942-8df3-e3bc39d2f12d
    nat 8ef6167a-bc28-4caf-8af5-d0bf12a62545
        external ip: " X.X.X.X "
        logical ip: ""
        type: "dnat_and_snat"
    nat ba32ab93-3d2b-4199-b634-802f0f438338
        external ip: " X.X.X.X "
        logical ip: ""
        type: "snat"

I replaced valid IPs with X.X.X.X

Any suggestion would be grateful.
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