[all] Proposed Wallaby cycle schedule

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Wed Aug 12 15:21:31 UTC 2020

> The current thinking is it will likely take place in May (nothing is
> set, just an educated guess, so please don't use that for any other
> planning). So for the sake of figuring out the release schedule, we are
> targeting a release date in early May. Hopefully this will then align
> well with event plans.
> I have a proposed release schedule up for review here:
> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/744729/
> For ease of viewing (until the job logs are garbage collected), you can
> see the rendered schedule here:
> https://0e6b8aeca433e85b429b-46fd243db6dc394538bd0555f339eba5.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/744729/3/check/openstack-tox-docs/4f76901/docs/wallaby/schedule.html
> There are always outside conflicts, but I think this has aligned mostly
> well with major holidays. But please feel free to comment on the patch
> if you see any major issues that we may have not considered.
One more update to this. Some concerns were raised around alignment with
the planned Ubuntu release schedule. Plus some general sentiment for
wanting to be closer to a 6 month schedule.

As an alternative option, I have proposed a 26 week option:


This would mean there would be a largish gap between when the X release
starts and when we might hold the PTG for that development. That could
be good or bad. Depending on the in-person event situation, it is also
unknown if we would need to wait for a larger scheduled event, or if we
would be able to hold a virtual event sooner. So lot's of unknowns.

Getting community feedback on these options would be useful. If one
schedule or the other seems better to you, please add comments to the

Here is a rendered schedule for the 26 week option:




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