[MURANO] DevStack Murano "yaql_function" Error

İzzettin Erdem root.mch at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 06:12:23 UTC 2020

Hello Rong Zhu,

Thanks for your interest. Complete log link is at below. It is happening
when i try to deploy or update an environment.


Thanks. Regards.

Rong Zhu <aaronzhu1121 at gmail.com>, 21 Nis 2020 Sal, 04:21 tarihinde şunu

> Hi İzzetti,
> Thanks for using murano, could you please paste more error info in the
> paste.openstack.org and gives the link here?
> İzzettin Erdem <root.mch at gmail.com>于2020年4月20日 周一21:17写道:
>> Hello folk,
>> Is there anyone who used murano before? I am trying to install Murano on
>> devstack stable/train release. When i try to deploy an environment, it
>> throws an error. At murona-engine logs error is:
>> "func.__yaql_function__ = fd: murano.dsl.dsl_exception.MuranoPlException:
>> [AttributeError]: 'method' object has no attribute '__yaql_function__'"
>> Any suggestioıns?
>> Thanks. Regards.
> --
> Thanks,
> Rong Zhu
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