[cinder] nominate Luigi Toscano for cinder-tempest-plugin-core

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Fri Apr 17 21:09:58 UTC 2020

On 4/17/20 3:58 PM, Brian Rosmaita wrote:
> Luigi Toscano (tosky on IRC) has been very helpful this cycle
> addressing testing questions, doing reviews, and adding code related
> to testing to the various Cinder project repositories.  He's been an
> active participant at the weekly Cinder meetings and has been good
> about getting visibility on testing-related patches.  I'd like to put
> him in a position to be able to assign priority to reviews for the
> cinder-tempest-plugin and approve patches to that repository; hence I
> am nominating him to be a member of the cinder-tempest-plugin-core team.
> In the absence of objections, I'll make the change before the next
> Cinder team meeting (Wednesday, 22 April at 1400 UTC in
> #openstack-meeting-alt).
> cheers,
> brian
Big +1. Luigi has been a great help with our Zuul jobs.

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