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Kendall Nelson kennelson11 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 20:08:54 UTC 2020

Hey Sylvain :)

I don't think there is any reason why we *have* to restrict it to a week.
That said, in the community brainstorming meetings there were requests for
'more than a day' and 'not more than a few days'. The natural balance then
is a week?

Are you assuming that you will *have* to attend all 8ish hours that fit
your timezone? Depending on the teams that you participate in, I wouldn't
think that you will have all 8 of those hours packed?

There was also a concern during one of the meetings about getting 'buy-in'
from management for more than a few days (or a week) being difficult.

-Kendall (diablo_rojo)

On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 12:46 PM Sylvain Bauza <sbauza at redhat.com> wrote:

> I'm honestly a bit sad we still plan the virtual PTG event for a single
> week. This will be a very busy week with weird timeslots for most of us so
> our energy will mostly disappear after 2 days.
> Having slots around 2 weeks was helping the contributors to have enough
> time to rest between windows (compared to only a couple of hours which is
> meaningless in terms of real and factual rest) and this was basically
> discussed without strong objections during the first of the three open
> discussions we had.
> Is there any reasoning in terms of logistics or whatever else in sticking
> with such constrained and busy time window ? For large teams, could we
> maybe consider to run over those slots by organizing other meetings at
> other points in time (say, the week after) and if so, could the Foundation
> leave the infrastructure open for this ?
> Thanks,
> -Sylvain
> On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 7:05 PM Kendall Nelson <kennelson11 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hey Mark :)
>> Part of it is breaks like Jeremy mentioned, but mostly its to give people
>> a break to deal with any distractions (work, family, sleep, etc) and get
>> other people tz wise involved. Each of the windows of times falls on a
>> 'good' crossover time for two thirds of the world. Much further one
>> direction or another and it gets really late or really early for one of
>> those groups of people.
>> On all three of the community brainstorming meetings there were ongoing
>> concerns about anyone's ability to meet and stay engaged in a virtual
>> meeting for more than 4 hours at a time as well. By capping the windows and
>> forcing time in between them we are hoping to keep engagement high and
>> reduce burnout and distraction.
>> -Kendall (diablo_rojo)
>> On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 8:29 AM Mark Goddard <mark at stackhpc.com> wrote:
>>> On Tue, 14 Apr 2020 at 18:03, Kendall Nelson <kennelson11 at gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>> >
>>> > Greetings!
>>> >
>>> > I am sure you have all been anxiously awaiting more details on how we
>>> are going to virtualize the PTG :) After the community meetings we had last
>>> week/the week before to understand the key challenges and ideate on
>>> solutions, we have a plan!
>>> >
>>> > The virtual event will be held from Monday June 1 to Friday June 5. We
>>> set up available times in 3 different time windows where each window is a
>>> cross over time between at least 2 regions (Window A - Americas/Europe,
>>> Window B - Europe/APAC, and Window C - APAC/Americas).
>>> Hi, just wondering what is the reasoning for having these windows,
>>> with gaps between them? The last time we doodled for kolla slots we
>>> ended up with 14:00 - 18:00 UTC, so I had proposed this to the team as
>>> a starting point but Pierre pointed out that it falls outside of the
>>> window.
>>> >
>>> > Here is an ethercalc[1]. We ask that the PTL/SIG Chair/Team lead sign
>>> up for time to have their discussions in with 4 rules/guidelines.
>>> >
>>> > 1. Cross project discussions (i.e. SIGs and horizonal teams), try to
>>> schedule yourselves towards the start of the week so that any discussions
>>> that might shape those of vertical teams might happen first.
>>> > 2. Vertical teams (ex. Nova, Cyborg, Manila) should wait till April
>>> 6th at 7:00 UTC to start signing up for slots to help prioritize the
>>> scheduling of cross project conversations.
>>> > 3. No team (SIG, horizonal project, vertical project, etc) can sign up
>>> for more than 4 hours per UTC day to help keep participants actively
>>> engaged.
>>> > 4. No team (SIG, horizonal project, vertical project, etc) can sign up
>>> for more than 16 hours across all time slots to avoid burning out our
>>> contributors and to enable participation in multiple teams discussions.
>>> >
>>> > Once every team has had a chance to sign up (lets say two weeks from
>>> today April 28th at 7:00 UTC) if signing up for more time makes sense, it
>>> will be possible.
>>> >
>>> > We want to encourage ANY team to sign up, even those that had
>>> originally said no to the initial outreach when the PTG was supposed to be
>>> in person. The more the merrier!
>>> >
>>> > Once you have signed up for time slots, please also fill out this
>>> survey[2] with your team information. We need this additional information
>>> to help shape other decisions down the road and coordinate other details
>>> closer to the event.
>>> >
>>> > If you have any issues with signing up your team, due to conflict or
>>> otherwise, please let me know! While we are trying to empower you to make
>>> your own decisions as to when you meet and for how long (after all, you
>>> know your needs and teams timezones better than we do), we are here to help!
>>> >
>>> > Continue to check back for updates at openstack.org/ptg.
>>> >
>>> > -the Kendalls (diablo_rojo & wendallkaters)
>>> >
>>> > [1] https://ethercalc.openstack.org/126u8ek25noy
>>> > [2]
>>> https://openstackfoundation.formstack.com/forms/june2020_virtual_ptg_survey
>>> >
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