[tc] [ironic] Promoting ironic to a top-level opendev project?

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Thu Apr 16 12:29:18 UTC 2020

On 4/15/20 6:47 PM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> On 2020-04-15 15:46:04 -0700 (-0700), Julia Kreger wrote:
> [...]
>> People care because they are invested in the community as a whole,
>> and I think the thought of such a major change does bring fear. I
>> think that is totally natural and honestly I feel the same way.
>> Also at the same time, I think we risk letting the fear control
>> us. Thus prohibits us and prevents us from what may be the right
>> direction. In part, that is also why we need to talk through these
>> things. :)
> [...]
> In my case, I just want to make sure folks are approaching these
> sorts of decisions by first identifying problems and only *then*
> moving to discussing solutions. Otherwise there's a risk that a lot
> of effort and resources are wasted on work which doesn't solve
> whatever needs solving. Hear each of the arguments (for and against)
> with a critical ear, and ask whether they're good solutions for the
> problems you've identified.
> Above all, try to avoid the trap of using problems to justify a
> solution which has already been chosen for other reasons. When the
> discussion starts out as a proposal for some particular solution,
> that's how it tends to come across.

We also have other projects that can and are used standalone. Cinder has
been enabled for that for years, but I'm pretty sure there are others.

So part of this long discussion, I think, is to make sure whatever
action the community takes is one that makes sense and does not confuse
the situation even more. Looking at it as a whole, does it make sense
for any service that can be used standalone to become its own top level
project. If it's only after a certain level of adoption, what is the
threshold or how is that decided? Is there a better way to not disrupt
the community while still addressing the needs of the projects that want
to stand out more as something that could be seen as more independent?

There isn't really an easy answer here, so it's worth getting input from
those involved in the community to make sure we don't go down a path we
are going to regret later.


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