choosing object storage

Wesley Peng pyh at
Tue Apr 7 02:13:09 UTC 2020

Wesley Peng wrote:
> Pete Zaitcev wrote:
>> Last time I saw anyone publish their Swift data at all, it was Turkcell
>> who had a 36PB cluster and planned to grow it to 50PB by end of 2019.
>> They started that cluster in Icehouse release with 250GB drives!
>  From my experience, for pure object storage requirement, swift is much 
> simpler than Ceph, either deployment or operations.
> We have Ceph as block storage only, but have swift as object storage for 
> S3 access etc. We have 500TB data stored in Swift.
> Regards.

BTW, we have swift and ceph deployed separated, but we didn't have 
openstack in our environment. We use the cloud architecture developed by 

Ceph and Swift were used for storage products, they are good enough.


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